How do I save videos?
Copy and paste the link to a video above and click "Save" or press enter. The download will automatically start and the filename can be copied to your clipboard. Paste it (Ctrl+V or +V) into the download box. If Internet Explorer shows the info bar or FireFox saves without asking for the filename, click here.

Is there an easier way to save videos?
Yes, just grab the world with your mouse and drag it to a place where you can place links in your browser (usually just under the menu). You may have to show it by doing the following:

Save     Internet Explorer:
Right-click on the top menu toolbar and click on Links to check it. You should see a Links toolbar show up, which you should be able to move around. If not, right-click on the menu toolbar again and uncheck Lock the Toolbars.

Right-click on the top menu bar and click on Bookmarks Toolbar.

Right-click just under the top menu toolbar and click on Customize. Check Personal Toolbar and click OK.

Other browsers will have similar steps.

Now, whenever you are watching a video on a supported site, all you have to do is click on the "Save" link that you created. It will open a new window and automatically start the download.

Alternatively, you can use this Save link that won't open a new window. Some browsers may not allow you to drag the links, so you must right-click and select Add to Favorites, Bookmark This Link, Bookmark Page, or something similar to add them. For Internet Explorer, select the Links folder and follow the instructions above to show it.


Why should I save videos?
Ever have one of your favorite videos disappear? Oh no, there goes one!
Because videos start and stop every few seconds...or they never start again!

What sites are supported?
YouTube, Metacafe, MySpace (2), Photobucket, iFilm, and Google. Suggest a site here.

How do I play the files?
With VLC media player.

Internet Explorer shows an Information bar?
Click on Tools from the top menu, select the Security tab, click on Trusted Sites, click on Sites, uncheck Require server verification.. if necessary, add http://www.savethevid.com and close the window. Use the slider to set the level to medium-low (or click on Custom level and enable Automatic prompting for file downloads), then click OK.

Firefox doesn't ask for a filename?
Click on Tools from the top menu, select Main (Downloads in 1.5) and select Always ask me where to save files.

It's not working?
Check to make sure that JavaScript is enabled.

It's still not working!?
Is it lunch time? If not, please contact us.

SaveTheVid Express

Launch SaveTheVid Express (Web)
Download SaveTheVid Express (Standalone, Java 5.0+ required)

Our free software, SaveTheVid Express, allows you to save YouTube videos just like before.†You can run the application directly (always the latest version) from the website or by downloading it to your computer (see note at the bottom if using Internet Explorer). SaveTheVid Express runs on Windows, Mac, or Linux. If you already have Java (5.0+), no installation is necessary.

When you launch the application through the website, you may see the following message:

As long as itís coming from http://www.savethevid.com, you can safely click on Run. Afterwards, the program will open and you can start downloading immediately.

Once you see the program, make sure to set where to put your downloaded files by clicking on the File menu and selecting Set Download Folder. You only have to do this once.

Let us know if you have any problems with the program. Enjoy!

Note: If downloading with Internet Explorer, right-click on the link and choose Save Target As.... When the download window opens, change the last 3 letters from zip to jar then click on the drop-down directly below and choose All Files. From there, you can save as normal.


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